The third album "Locked doors, drinks and funerals" released 18th of May 2007:

Locked doors, drinks and funerals

  1. Destination Zero
  2. Faith
  3. Run Away
  4. In Her Garden
  5. A Thin Line
  6. So Far Away
  7. Another Day
  8. The Ghost of You
  9. The Road (It Goes On)
  10. Dream On Sister
  11. Into Your Arms

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The first single "Dream on Sister" released 4th of May 2007:

Dream on Sister

  1. Dream On Sister (single edit)
  2. I Feell You (exclusive track)
  3. Ride (edit remastered)
  4. The Circle Never Ends (Part IV)
  5. For Another Day (extended rock mix)

A strict limited five track CD Single, featuring one exclusive track: A version of Depeche Modes "I Feel You". Only a few copies will be available via retail so if you wanna make sure you get a copy from the Pandaimonium Mailorder.

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The second album "The Great Silence" released 27th of June 2005:

The Great Silence

  1. Ride
  2. End of Trail Icon
  3. Fading Rose
  4. Lost in the Rain
  5. The Great Silence
  6. You
  7. She's a River
  8. Coming Home
  9. Summer
  10. Outskirts
  11. Passage

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Debut album "Destination Zero" released 5th of October 2001:

Destination Zero

  1. Last Night
  2. System Breakdown
  3. Circle Never Ends
  4. Tomorrow Gone
  5. Pantheon
  6. Lonley Satellite
  7. Gemini
  8. Asylum
  9. Shadow Dance

Listen to a mp3-file with extracts from the album - click here
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M´Era Luna Sampler 2002 - "Gemini" (Radio Edit)
(Sonic Seducer - 2002)
M´Era Luna-Sampler 2002
Dark Awakening Vol. 2 - "The Circle Never Ends"
(T-Force - 2002)
Dark Awakening Vol. 2
Mystic Sounds 11 - "Lonely Satellite"
(Zillo - St, SPV - 2002)
Mystic Sounds
Songs of Pain - "Run Away" (exclusive)
(Pandaimonium, EFA Medien - 2002)
Songs of Pain
Goths paradise V - "System Breakdown"
(Orkus, EFA Medien - 2001)
Goths paradise V
Sex.:.Goth.:.Electronics - "Asylum"
(Tatra - 2000)
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